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Monday, 17 January 2011 12:58
The Rebbetzin.
The Rebbetzin is like Sovev Kol Almin, what this may mean.
There is nothing simple about the Rebbetzin's being simple.
before, during and after.
 In 5770 The Kehos publication society published a complete volume of letters (Igros Kodesh RaYatz 15) from the Frierdike Rebbe to his daughter (the Rebbetzin) and his Son-in-law (The Rebbe). Here are some excerpts.
To post seminary girrls.
Some stories, insights and a lesson.
A talk I gave at Machon LiYahadus relating how I experienced her passing and what happened subsequently.
1) The Rebbe wrote חי' מושקא is גימטריא 470= ע"ת this means a generation.
Tzadikim create their own time.
2) She felt other's lives, especially those who sacrificed to do her husband's bidding.
3) Her Brachos- no pre-conditions.