The Hebrew months of Cheshvan and Shevat correspond roughly to November and February.
    Often called (by the Rebbe) "The Chassidishe Chodesh" Chodesh HaGeula " etc.
  • Parshas Toldos
    Parshas Toldos.
  • Parshas Vayetzei
    Parshas Vayetzei
  • 9-10 KISLEV
    9-10 KISLEV.
    The birthday and Histalkus of the Mitteler (second) Rebbe are 9 Kislev. On 10 KISLEV he was released fro prison.
  • 14 KISLEV
    14 KISLEV.
    This day is the wedding anniversary of the Rebbe and the Rebbetzin. They were married in 5689 (1928) in Warsaw Poland.
  • Parshas Vayishlach
    Parshas Vayishlach.
  • 19-20 KISLEV
    19-20 KISLEV.
    This day is the Yahrtzeit of the holy Maggid of Mezritch. He passed away in 5533 (1772).
    This is also the day the Alter Rebbe was released from prison in 5559 (1798).
  • Parshas Vayeshev
    Parshas Vayeshev.
  • Parshas Mikeitz
    Parshas Mikeitz.
  • Chanuka
    The month of TEVES, the fourth of the winter months is discribed in the Gemara as "the month where the body benefits from the body". This idea is explained as the connection between the physical and the creator Himself. 
  • Parshas Vayigash
    Parshas Vayigash.
  • 5 TEVES
    This is the day the Rebbe himself dedicated as the date of the victory of the sforim. When one analyzes it's message it becomes very current and relevant.
  • 10 TEVES
    Ten [Asara] TEVES.
    This is the first in the sequence of four fasts associated with the destruction of the Beis Hamikdash. As such it is in certain aspects the most severe.
  • Parshas Vayechi.
    Parshas vayechi.
  • Parshas Shmos
    Parshas Shmos.
    The beginning of Chumash haGeula. Even the golus is part of the Geula process.
  • 20 TEVES
    20 TEVES.
    The Rambam's Yahrtzeit.
  • 21 Teves
    21 Teves 
    Birthday of Rebbetzin Shaina the younger daughter of the Previous Rebbe and sister of the Rebbetzin. 
  • 24 TEVES.
    24 TEVES.
    The Alter Rebbe's Yahrtzeit. The Alter Rebbe passed away after escaping and affecting the defeat of the Napoleonic army and what it represented.
  • Parshas VAEIRA.
    Parshas VAEIRA.
  • 28 Teves, Rebbetzin Chana's birthday.
    28 Teves, Rebbetzin Chana's birthday.
  • SHVAT.
  • 2 SHVAT
    2 SHVAT.
  • Parshas BO.
    Parshas BO.
  • 10 SHVAT
    10 SHVAT.
    On this day in 5710, the Frierdike (previous) Rebbe passed away.On this date the Rebbe assumed his leadership. Unofficially in 5710, and officially the following year.
  • 13 SHVAT
    13 SHVAT.
    On this day in 5702 (1942), the Rebbetzin Shterna Sara (wife of the Rebbe RASHAB) passed away.
  • Parshas Bishalach
    Parshas Bishalach.
  • 15 SHVAT
    15 SHVAT.
    This is "The Rosh Hashana" (new year) for trees, as the winter ends and the trees come to (visible) life again.
  • Parshas YISRO.
    Parshas YISRO.
  • 22 SHVAT.
    22 SHVAT.
    The Yahrtzeit of The Rebbetzin Chaya Mushka (Wife of our Rebbe). She passed away in 5748 (1988).
  • Parshas MISHPATIM.
    Parshas MISHPATIM.
  • Special Days in the Winter Calendar
    Classes for special days in the Winter Calendar such as Rosh Chodesh, birthdays and yartzheits.   
  • Winter Parshas
    These classes focus in-depth on a specific question related to the Torah reading of the week. Coming soon - Study guides containing the original texts discussed during the shiur.