Thank You
Over the past seven years many people have given their time and energy to the project of bringing Rabbi Paltiel's recorded classes to the public through the internet. Thank you all and may Hashem bless you and your families.
David Shanske - David chose and set up the Joomla! content management system for Inside Chassidus. He also taught the webmaster how to use it! David has been a wise guide and has been very generous in donating his time to this project.
Chaya Rivka Zwolinksi - Mrs. Zwolinski was an invaluable advisor to Inside Chassidus in the early days of the project.
Yosef Vinisky - Yosef took the critical step of establishing and, together with Chaim Arias, made Rabbi Paltiel's vision of a permanent audio class archive into a reality.
Chaim Binyamin Arias - Chaim Binyamin undertook the massive task of loading all of the original content of onto the internet. He also arranged for Michael Snoyman to create the original program for
Michael Snoyman - Michael designed and created the data base structure, web site design, and a data entry interface. He gave critical guidance to the Inside Chassidus webmaster on how to manage the site.
Ronnie Rendel - Ronnie worked on improvements to
Leibel Cohen - Leibel made a home for our very first audio class files on his web site
Mordechai Seidman - Mordechai makes this site possible with his complete support of the webmaster in this endeavor.