The Live Tanya Class is every Monday night at 9PM
Location: Chabad of Flatbush, 1923 Ocean Avenue Brooklyn
For information: 718-252-9770

Welcome to our Tanya series! Each class will cover the Tanya for the coming week according to the "CHITAS" schedule of daily study. Rabbi Paltiel has been teaching the Tanya in depth to intermediate and advanced students for many years. However, his Tanya classes have only been available to students living in or visiting Brooklyn. This series finally brings his experience teaching Tanya to you - wherever you are.
If you send a question on class content to This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it , we will do our best to provide you with an answer. Some questions may be anonymously posted along with the Rabbi's answer.

Never heard of the Tanya?
Here is a good introductory essay from
  • Introduction to The Series
  • Tanya Summaries regular year
    Tanya Summaries regular year
    These classes were given in a Chabad house in Flatbush between 19 Kislev 5767/2006 through 19 Kislev 5768/2007. 
  • Tanya Summaries leap year
    Tanya Summaries leap year.
    These classes were given in a Chabad house in Flatbush between 19 Kislev 5768/2007 through 19 Kislev 5769/2008. 
  • Tanya Lectures
    Tanya Lectures
    The Tanya classes in this section given at the Chabad house in Flatbush were started after 19 Kislev 5769/2008 and are still ongoing.
    This time around the pace was slowed down. Rather than finish the entire Tanya in one year the classes are more in depth and provide a longer form of the Tanya Summaries of the two earlier series.
  • Various Mini Series on TANYA.
    Various mini series on TANYA.

  • Chitas Tanya, Regular year.
    Chitas Tanya, Regular year.
    These shiurim were given (for the most part) at Yeshivas chovevei Torah between 19 Kislev 5767 and 18 Kislev 5768.
  • Chitas Tanya, Leap year.
    Chitas Tanya, Leap year.
    These classes were given (for the most part) at Yeshivas Chovevei Torah between 19 Kislev 5768 (2007) and 18 Kislev 5769 (2008).
  • Tanya text based

    Tanya text based

    In depth text based classes on Tanya delivered at Beis Midrash LiNashim UBanos  beginning in the winter 5777/ 2016.