The Hebrew months of Sivan and Av correspond roughly to May/June and August.
  • Parshas Bamidbar.
    Parshas Bamidbar.
  • SIVAN.
  • Shavuos.
    The time the Yidden received the Torah from Hashem.
  • Parshas Nasso
    Parshas Nasso.
  • Parshas Bihaalosecha
    Parshas Bihaalosecha.
  • 12 Sivan
    12 Sivan
    The end of the seven days of Korbanos for Shavuos. 
  • 15 SIVAN
    15 SIVAN.
    On this day in 5687 (1927) the Previous Rebbe was arrested and tried. His survival was (and continues to be) a great miracle.
  • Parshas Shlach
    Parshas Shlach.
  • Parshas Korach
    Parshas Korach
  • 28 Sivan
    28 Sivan
    On this day in 5701 the Rebbe arrived  איש וביתו to New York and completely new levels of efforts began in bringing the same Yiddishkeit tat existed in the old country to America.
  • 3 TAMUZ
    3 TAMUZ.
  • Parshas Chukas
    Parshas Chukas.
  • 12-13 TAMUZ.
    12-13 TAMUZ.
    The 12th of TAMUZ is the Frierdike (previous) Rebbe's birthday. He was born in 5640/1880.
    On this date in 5687/1927 he was freed finally from his incarceration and exile in Soviet Russia. He declared this day a Yom Tov (holiday) for the victory of Yiddishkeit over it's oppressors.
  • Parshas Balak
    Parshas Balak.
  • Parshas Pinchas
    Parshas Pinchas.
  • 17 TAMUZ
    17 TAMUZ.
    One of the four fasts that commemorate the serie sof events that led to the distruction of the first and second beis Hamikdash and the exiling of Jews from the holy land.
  • The three weeks.
    The three weeks.
    The period of morning between the fasts of 17 TAMUZ and 9 MENACHEM AV that mark the time of the Beis Hamikdash's destruction.
  • Parshas Matos
    Parshas Matos.
  • Parshas Masai.
    Parshas Masai.
  • 5 Menachem Av
    5 Menachem Av
    Yahrtzeit of the 'living Ari Zal'.
  • Parshas Devarim/ Chazon
    Parshas Devarim / Parshas Cahzon.
    The Shabbos before Tishaa (9) BeAV. The two Beis Hamikdash were destroyed on this day. On this day spiritually we're allowed a peek of the final Beis Hamildash.
  • 11 Menachem Av
    11 Menachem Av
    Yahrtzeit Reb Hilel Paritcher.
  • Parshas Vaeschanun/ Nachamu
    Parshas Vaeschanun and Nachamu.
    The Mishna in Taanis refers to this date as one of the most joyous of the year. the Gemara gives many reasons for this. Chassidus sees this day as the answer to Tisha BiAv.
  • Parshas Eikev
    Parshas Eikev.
    On this date in 5704/1944 the Rebbe holy father Reb Leivik passed away in the city of ALma Ata in Asia after spending five years in exile there for preserving and spreading Yiddishkeit.
  • Parshas Re'ei.
    Parshas Re'ei.
  • Late Summer
  • The Three Weeks
  • Shavuos
    The Longest Journey - A wonderful series on how the Jewish people prepared to receive the Torah. The series covers in detail the events of the entire week from the arrival at Har Sinai until the day Hashem gave the Torah. These talks were given at Machon Chana in 1999 and the sicha presented was given by the Lubavitcher Rebbe on the occasion of Rosh Chodesh Sivan (Likutei Sichos, volume 28, p.7). As usual, Rabbi Paltiel, translates and explains the sicha but also does much more - telling stories, bringing Jewish history to life, and providing insights into halachos and customs related to the Omer and Shavuos. The original series ends with class #12 and there are still a few lines to go in the sicha. Rabbi Paltiel will record a discussion of this last bit of the sicha and we will post that to complete the series.
  • Summer Parshas
    Classes analyzing the parshas that fall in the Summer period (Sivan - Av).
  • Special Days in the Chassidic Calendar
    Special Days in the Chassidic Calendar