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From the wisdom of the Rebbe  
The Rebbe. (5770).
A three part series (given at the BESHT) about the Rebbe . The first class  are some stories about the Rebbe's early life. Classes two and three explore some of the Rebbe's unique hashkafa priorities. Theses classes (are of course not meant to be definitive. They do however) provide some food for thought about some very important ideas and attitudes.
An overview of some ideas and quotes that are basic to the Rebbe's teachings.
Stories and thoughts about the Rebbe, leadership and sacrifice.
The audio q1uality isn't that good, we're sorry. 
1) Defiance, 2) Principle, 3) Sacrifice, 4) Action.
A Rebbe makes choices (not mistakes).  
This talk on the childhood years of the Lubavitcher Rebbe (Rabbi Menachem Mendel Schneerson) will be enjoyed by the whole family.  The stories of the Rebbe's childhood provide insight into his character and great accomplishments but also the period in which he grew up. 
There may be some repetition here.
before, during and after.
The Previous Rebbe's passing and the Rebbe's ascent to leadership.
 The Rebbe's early years. (Beis Rivka Seminary 5773).
The biography of the Rebbe. His origins, ancestors and early years part one.
Born in Nikolayev and his wondrous childhood.
At the age of seven they moved to Yeketrinislav (Dineperputruvsk).
Stories about the Rebbe's earely years.
His intellectual genius in Torah and all other areas of knowledge.
The immigrants in World War 1; The Typhus epidemic.
Did not know the Rebbe RAShaB.
 1) The Rebbe's father and Rebbe, 2) Meeting the Rebbetzin, 3) Visiting the Frierdiker Rebbe in Rostov and Leningrad, 4) His involvement in the underground work.
 5766-9. 1) The meeting in Kurustien, 2) The Frierdike Rebbe in jail and deciding to leave Russia, 3) Leaving Russia, the final goodbye in Yekatrinislav; 4) The Frierdike Rebbe moves to Riga and the Rebbe goes to Berlin; 5) the preparations for the wedding.
 The Rebbe's wedding, in Warsaw. The all night affair attended by many Tzadikim. His father's letters and the wedding in Yeketrinislav that night.
Reb Menchem Zemba, Reb Meir Shapiro;
Instructed to Farbreng with Anash on occasions;
Returns to Berlin (until the Nazis YM"Sh came to power);
The Rebbetzin Shaindel, her husband Menachem Mendel HaKohein, their wedding and relationship with the Rebbe and Rebbetzin.
Years 5633-5. The Rebbe meet various Gedoilm; His involvement with the Frierdike Rebbe's writings and the HaTamim.
5696-5701. The Rebbe gets involved with Tomchei Tmimim in Poland (but must leave after a few months), Meets the Belzer Rebbe, Assists the Frierdike Rebbe on his visit to paris in 1937, Leaves paris as the war starts and arrives in New York one year later. Some stories about this period.
Coming to America.
Four tasks: 1) Kehos, 2) Machanei Yisroel (an organization for Frumer tat operated insecret), 3) Merkaz LiInyonei Chinuch, 4) Chevra Kadisha.
During the war he worked at the Navy Yard.
The Hayom Yom.
1) Kovetz Lubavitch and the T'shuvos UBiurim, 2) The Rebbe's Hagada, 3) His visit to Paris and getting his mother, and meeting the Chassidim, 4) The Frierdike Rebbe's Histalkus and the Rebbe's ascent to his leadership.
The Rebbe's Leadership. (Beis Rivka Seminary 5772).
A series of classes given at the Beis Rivka Seminary in Brooklyn, highlighting many of the Rebbe's very original ideas to preserve and strengthen Yiddishkeit. This series is based on the Rebbe's biography found in the beginning of the "Hayom Yom".
The first and perhaps most successful of the Rebbe's undertakings. Building Yeshivos in these Sfardik lands, preparing the Jews for the emigrating (and challenges) that were to follow.
Dor HaShvii, the statement the Rebbe made on 10 Shvat  5711. We are the seventh and are destined to bring the Shechina down to the world.
An overview of the place of Farbrengens by Chassidim and the Rabbeiim and the unique style of the Rebbe. The transcription and editing of the Sichos. Likutei Sichos, Sefer HaSichos etc.
A brief history of the Rebbe's Maamrim and an overview of the development of Chabad Torah (in Maamarim) over the seven generations since the Alter Rebbe including the fact  that all maamarim are "The Alter Rebbe's".
 A second class on Ma'amarim outlining the Ma'amarim of the Rebbe in particular. 1) He did not say Ma'amaroim until he became Rebbe, 2) The Ma'amarim initially started with a Sicha, 3) They were (for the most part) during farbrengens, 4) He did not write them, 5) He did not even edit most of them until the most recent times, 6) Ma'amar which is in the tune of a Sicha, 7) Miracles associated with Ma'amarim, 8) When did they stop.
An overview of the printing of the letters of the Rabbeiim.
Some thoughts on the printing of the Rebbe's Igros. 
Merkaz Shlichus. An endeaver started by the Rebbe RaYatz, that was in many cases planting seeds for later harvest.
The dayschools the Rebbe established in Eretz Yisroel (as a "Zerem bilti Zrami" Not affiliated with the religious or the secular)
Reb Zusha, "the partisan"..
 Tzeirei Agudas Chabad. The Rebbe's vision to use their initiative  and youthful enthusiasm to change Israel and the world. Offensive rather than defensive war.
Empowering and giving leadership roles to woman.
The first two Mivtzoyim: Lulav and Matza. Letters and Sichos. What they mean.
The Alter Rebbe had explained 200 years ago that nowadays the answer to all issues and the primary Avoda is action, namely: Tzedaka. To guarantee giving tzedaka everyday give to the keren which will give for you each day of the year. 
The Rebbe's argument about priorities and principle and being proud of our traditions.
Toras Menachem vol. 7 Page 76.
Children and HaMalach Hagoel. 
a custom the Rebbe maintained for a few years, having the children sing and Simchas Torah and having someone bless them with the Possuk HaMalach HaGoel. 
The Rebbe teaching Nigunim. He taught 14 in total and ten of them in successive  years on Simchas Torah. Some thoughts  and anecdotes.
Camp Gan Yisroel It's vision definition and hope (prospects).
 The Story of Kfar Chabad, the massacre
 in the Bais Sefer Limlacha, Yad HaChamisha and the sending of the Shluchim (Bochurim) that summer, 5716.
From 1 Tamuz 5718 onward the Rebbe pushed Chabad Chassidim forward using this slogan and theme, these are the Sichos that reveal the happenings back then.
Years 5716-21. 1) Kfar Chabad tragedy the Shluchim and  Yad Hachamisha, 2) Ufaratzta, 3) Alter Rebbe's Maamarim begin being published, 4) Shamil's Niggun, 5)  200 years of the  Baal Shem Tov,6) Tanya on the Radio, 7) Nichoach etc.
Years 5722-6: 1) 150 years of the Alter Rebbe's histalkus, 2) His mothers passing and the introduction of the RaShi Sichos, 3) Tzemach tzedek's 100th Yahrtzeit and the printing of his Chassidus etc.
"The Six Day War", the Rebbe's optimism, The Tefillin campaign and the Teshuva hisorerus that the Rebbe saw as unfolding from it.
In conjunction with 50 years since the six day war (5727-5777/ 1967-2017). 
Shlaimus HaAretz, the Rebbe's stand (starting just after after the Six Day war) not to give away any of the territories we had liberated by the grace and with the great miracles of Hashem to anyone. 1) It's our land, 2) One isn't allowed al pi din to gamble with Jewish lives using diplomacy.
The spirit of the Rebbe's view is: There is no nation of G-d without the Torah of G-d, and only Torah can give correct resolution to the questions facing Israel today, even when dealing with geopolitics.
1) Shchuna upkeep, 2) Nachalas Har Chabad, 3) Siyum Sefer Torah of Moshiach. The history behind it and the story.
Mihu Yehudi, the "small" change in the law of return that removed the word "KiHalacha" from that law, defining converts (who convert outside of Israel)  as Jewish even if they been converted in ways that defy Halacha.
 5731 fill the world with torah, 5732 71 Mosdos, Russian immigrants help, 5733 Anticipation of the upcoming war in Israel and children.
The Yom Kippur War. How the Rebbe preempted it with an incredible focus  on children and the Koach they have to defeat all kinds of Yiddishe enemies.
The Sicha of 13 Tishrei 4734.
Mivtzoyim. 1) The "Mivtza Tank" idea, 2) Actions, as a Shmira and to arouse the inner Jew, 3) The story in Maalot and the Tefillin, 4) THe two Mivtzoyim of Kashrus and Taharas HaMishpacha and the idea of inner purity for the  sake of faith.
Mivtza Purim an Chanuka, holidays of Mesiras Nefesh have a Neshama connection with even the most assimilated Jews. Chanuka gelt, why money and why on Chanuka?
5775-6. 1) Two more Mivtzoyim Kashrus and Taharas HaMishpacha, 2) Rabbeinu Tam's Tefillin, 3) Shnas (the year of) Chinuch (Torah Education) 4) Introduction to the twelve Pesukim.
The twelve Pisukim. Children involving themselves in chinuch of other children.
Years 5736-8.1) Beis HaBechira in the three weeks, 2) In stead of a fast redeem your meal, 3) Arizal's Yahrtzeit, 4) Joining Torah and Tzedaka (along with Tefilla) in all Mosdos, 5) Hakafos Shniyos, 6) Hemshech Ayin Beis, 7) Sefer Halikutim (of the Tzemach Tzedeks' Chassidus), 8) Shtuchim issue.
Mashpiim and Asei Licha Rav. For our own Ruchniyus as well as to help us get (the Rebbe's) answers to all kinds of life questions. In 5737 and again in 5746-7 the Rebbe underscored the need for this.
The Sichos said shortly after the Rebbetzin was Nistalek (passed away) are included here (in part) as well.
Jewish meditation. Introduction, the 70's and the age of cults. The Rebbe responds to separate what is good from bad in this. To use meditation in a Kosher way for medical purposes.
(5739) The Iranian children, spending money to travel to weddings, Children's Sidurim (Erev Shavuos), Jewish meditation, (5740) Lag BaOmer parade goes international, Family Planning, (5741) Tzivos Hashem, why an army. Hakheil.
[(5741) Hakheil, Simchas Beis Hashoaiva, Mafteach on Maamarei Admor HaZakein, Birkas Hachama], Children's and Adult's Sefer Torah, unifying Jewish children from all over the world through Torah.[Russian Jews choosing where to live, (5742)].
[(5742) 1) the abbreviations connected to Moshiach, 2) Tanya for 11 Nissan, 3) The war of Shalom haGalil, (5743) 1) 100 years since the Rebbe MaharaSh's histalkus, 2] The seven laws of Noach, 3) A Moment of silence, the campaign and it's spirit. Education must be about G-d and morality.
Two campaigns from the year 5744: 1) Children should play with mascots that represent Kosher animals, 2) People should add to the Davening nusach Hareini Mikabel (before) and Ach Tzadikim after the Davening due to the situation in the world.
The Takana of learning RaMaBaM. The story and anecdote.
The Sefarim Story. excerpts of the Sichos of 1) Tamuz 5745, 2) Chanuka 5746, 3) 5 Teves 5747, 4) 5 Teves 5748.
The Moshiach Story and Campeign.
Moshiach's story as it relates to Chassidus,
The Baal Shem Tov's letter, The story of the French and Russian war, the Alter Rebbe and his friends, The Rebbe RaShaB and the talk of Simchas Torah 5648, World War 1, Germany and the Rebbe RaShaB and the results of that war (spiritually).
 Moshiach (2). Tomchei Tmimim, leaving Russia, Latvia, Poland, the decision to go back in time (to the traditional Rebbe role) and his eventual forced move to the United States.
 Moshiach (3). Coming to America, The Sefer Torah to greet Moshiach, The Kol Korais, Becoming an American citizen while supporting Eretz Yisroel.
 Moshiach (4).
1) Basi Ligani and the Rebbe's leadership, 2) The mems (1980s), when the Rebbe linked the abbreviations of each year to Moshiach, 3) 28 Nissan 5751 and Purim 5747. Giving over to the generation, 3) The miracles in Russia and all over.
Moshiach Longer Version (5776) 
1) RaMbaM predicting return of (special kind of) Prophecy as preparation for the coming,
The Rebbe connects this to the great onset and radiation of Kabalah and Mikubalim at the time the RaMbaM predicted (4,976/1276)/
2) The Arizal- beginning of the third Ashmora of the night.
BeShT morning of sixth millennium,
All these Tzadikim were Prophets, as part of what RaMbaM foretold.
3) The letter from Erev Rosh Hashana 5507, spreading Chassidus will bring Moshiach, according to Moshiach. 
4) story of the war of 1812 the Alter Rebbe wanted Napoleon to lose so it would be better for Yidden spiritually.
5) The three Tzadikim in 5575 (1814-15) who tried to bring Moshiach and it didn't work out. 
6) The Alter Rebbe's קץ [Ketz] of 5603 when he said 5608, the Likutei Torah was printed. the confusion about the details of this story. 
7) מאמר אין הקב"ה בא בטרוניא עם בריותיו תרמ"ח, the story and the event, the simple people's responses and the smart man's cynicism and the Rebbe RaShaB's declaration that even the greatest intellectuals must out the intellect aside to survive the last pof the Golus or מרה תהי' אחריתם and how all this came to pass.
8) The שיחה כל היוצא למלחמת בית דוד the two stages in the Blasphemers before Moshiach, the Rebbe's talk from 5745 where he says that these words were an open prophecy. 
9) The Rebbe RaShaB's קץ for the year תרס"ו (it is 1905-6), based on the calculation that it is סוף זמן תפילה OF Friday morning of the sixth millennium.
10) World War 1.
This class explores the 'behind the scenes' of the Rabbeiim, and how these things play out in spiritual terms.
He saw Kaiser Wilhelm as the new napoleon. We suggested that this time around the philosophy of Napoleon won, though the Germans technically lost.
11) All of the Rabbeiim's travels are part of a master plan, though they don't move until forced.
No Jew chooses exile, but when it is forced on the Tzadik, the Nassi it is not nature taking it's course, but the divine hand leading him.
12) Polishing the buttons 5689, 1928.
13) America and the question of relocation, the Rebbe RaYaTz could not leave Europe yet, and -in the end- he would not leave until forced by the second world war, but coming to america was -in the end- inevitable.
`14)  Relocating to america.
The Rebbe didn't want to go, God almighty brought him here, and he saw his being here as an "השגחה העליונה שליחות".
His first day in america, the warning of his good friends and his response.
The gradual but miraculous change of America. 
 The gradual melting of the ice.
15) ספר תורה לקבלת פני משיח.
The effort the writing the closeting and the finishing in 5730. near 10 Shvat. 
 16) Some on the newspaper הקריאה והקדושה.
17) The four declarations, קול קורא. 
The idea that Jews are like everyone else will bring us to suffer with all the world needlessly, but we must believe that we are different, and we do this through Teshuva.
The birth-pangs of Moshiach can be avoided or softened through this effort.
The refusal to heed these cries makes the suffering unavoidable, so the Rebbe turns to consolation: we will survive and in very short order Moshiach will come. 
18)  Citizenship. the rebbe organized it, private but meaningful event. pictures and video.
19) The first Ma'amar Basi Ligani, the seventh generation,  our task, setting about doing the unthinkable, he is not finished and he will see it through.
20) Since 5715 nothing stands in the way of Moshiach... 
21) abbreviations of years beginning with 5742 onward.
22) The chain letter idea to announce to people the sources to demand Moshiach. 
23) תשמח תשמח הקהל and תשמט ידיך and the predictions beginning  שבועות תשמ"ט. 
24)  Miracles that indicate the changes in the world that are proof of the immanence of the coming of Moshiach [תולדות ה'תש"ן].
25) Russia: the death of Stain and the Rebbe
26) The Cuban Missile crisis and the Rebbe.
27) Lag BaOmer 5740 at the Parade
28) Erev Rosh Hashana "Paratkes" and Ma'amar of ראה נתתיך אלוקים לפרעה and its affects.
29) Gorbachev and the predicted improvements to the lives of the Jews and religious observance.
30)  The summer of 1991, Gorbachev's arrest and the Rebbe's "כפשוט", open prophecy.
PDF, this pdf is for the next several classes.
31) A change of approach, and a desire that we reveal and celebrate every miracle that occurs.
32) The Gulf War, the fear, the Rebbe's Promise and the preciseness of his prophecies, Purim the war ends.
33) the Yalkut Shimoni, the miracles of the scuds
34) Perhaps what is happening now is the true and full fruition of the Yalkut.
Two summers ago (5774) 4,000 rockets fell (from much closer) on Israel. All around Israel our enemies are in the midst of destroying themselves.
Open your eyes and you'll see.
35)  The Ketz- end of Nissan 45751 כלו כל הקיצין כפשוטו ממש.
36) 28 Sivan coming to the lowest place and achieving the highest things.
37) Shabbos Shoftim- a Prophet and a Prophecy.
38)  Mishpatim 5752, the disarmament taking place in New York is from the affects of Moshiach himself.
39) To the Shluchim, what remains is for them to prepare the road for the final Shliach- Moshiach to begin his mission.
They must be מקבל פני משיח צדקינו בפועל ממש. 
40) 28 Nissan 5751 what came before it and the great shock of that Sicha.
41) Purim 5747, an earlier very elaborate version of the Sicha of 28 Nissan 5751, where the Rebbe introduced the timeliness of Moshiach and explained the campaign. The why and the how (part one).
42) Purim 5747 continued. The seven Mitzvos of Noach.
43) The answer it's the time.
44) It has has gone over from the head to all of us.
45) King Hoshea ben Aila removing the roadblocks and bringing suffering to all the Yidden. How is this different?
46) Talking again and again about what we must do to bring Moshiach, one good deed etc.
47) The idea of יתבררו ויתלבנו ויצרפו רבים as an additional indicator of the imminence of the coming of Moshiach.
The examples from all kinds of extreme events happening on the world, bot good and bad. 
A lesson inhumility.