The Hebrew months of Adar and Iyar correspond roughly to March and May.
  • Parshas Shekalim.
    Parshas Shekalim.
    The first of the four Parshios (sections) tread during (or near) Adar. It reminds us (as it did in the times of the Beis hamikdash) to give half shekels for the karbanos of the new year.
  • ADAR.
    This month is associated with joy and miracles. The tamud says that this is a very good time ("mazal") for Yidden.
  • Parshas Teruma.
    Parshas Teruma.
  • 7 ADAR.
    7 ADAR.
    The Yahrtzeit of Moshe Rabbeinu. In the Chabad tradition this was a day commemorated by the Rebbe alone, only after becoming the Rebbe.
  • 9 ADAR.
    9 ADAR 2.
    The day the previous rebbe (RAYATZ) arrived in New York in 1940.
  • Parshas Titzave'
    Parshas Titzave'.
  • Parshas Zachor
    Parshas Zachor.
    This is the second of "The four parshiyos (sections)" read this month. It deals with erasing Amalek and is always read the shabbos before Purim.
  • Purim Katan.
    Purim Katan.
    When there is an extra ADAR, the first ADAR has a "miniature Purim".
  • Taanis Esther
    Taanis (the fast of) Esther.
  • Purim
    The holiday that celebrates the Jews miraculous survival of Haman's evil plot.
  • Parshas Ki Sisa
    Parshas Ki Sisa.
  • Parshas Para
    Parshas Para.
    The third of "the four Parshiyos". It reminds us of the red heifer.  This is read the Shabbos before Shabbos HaChodesh.
  • Parshas Vayakheil
    Parshas Vayakheil.
  • Parshas Pikudei
    Parshas Pikudei.
  • Parshas Hachodesh.
    Parshas Hachodesh.
    This is the last of "the four Parshiyos" . It reminds us of the Korbon Pesach (Paschal offering). It is read the last Shabbos in ADAR or on Rosh Chodesh NISSAN.
  • 25 ADAR.
    25 ADAR.
    The Rebbetzin (Chaya Mushka)'s birthday.
  • 27 Adar
    27 Adar
  • Parshas Vayikra.
    Parshas Vayikra.
  • 2 NISSAN
    2 NISSAN.
    This date is the Yahrtzeit of the Rebbe RASHAB (fith Rebbe), and his son's (The frierdike' Rebbe's) ascent to leadership of Chabad Chassidim.
  • Parshas Tzav.
    Parshas Tzav.
  • 11 NISSAN.
    11 NISSAN.
    The Rebbe's birthday!
  • Shaabos Hagadol.
    Shabbos Hagadol.
  • 13 Nissan
    The Tzemach Tzeded passed away 13 Nissan in 5626/ 1866
  • Pesach
    Welcome to our Pesach section. We have both an introductory lecture series (numbered classes) and intermediate to advanced classes (textual analysis).

  • Sfiras Ha'omer
    Sfiras Ha'Omer.
  • Pirkei Avos
    Pirkei Avos
  • 28 Nissan
    28 Nissan
  • Parshas Shmini
    Parshas Shmini.
  • IYAR.
    The second month of the calender year. It is the first month after our exodus and is unique in having a Mitzva through it's entirety- Sefiras HaOmer. There is a message of Teshuva and healing in this pre Mattan (The Giving of the) Torah month.
  • 2 IYAR
    2 IYAR.
    The birthday of the Rebbe Mahara''sh (b. 5594/1834 d.5643/1882).
  • Parshas Tazria
    Parshas Tazria.
  • Parshas Mitzora.
    Parshas Mitzora.
  • Parshas Acharei.
    Parshas Acharei.
  • Parshas Kedoshim.
    Parshas Kedoshim.
  • 13 Iyar
    13 Iyar
  • Pesach Sheini.
    Pesach Sheini.
  • Parshas Emor.
    Parshas Emor.
  • Lag Ba'Omer
    Lag Ba'omer.
    On this day Rabbi Akiva's students stopped (interrupted their) dying, and Rabbi Shimon Bar Yocahi was Nistalek (passed away).
  • 20-22 Iyar
    20-22 Iyar
    Leaving Har Sinai and the aftermath.
  • Parshas Behar.
    Parshas Behar.
  • Parshas Bichukosai.
    Parshas Bichukosai.
  • Special Days in the Spring Calendar
    Classes for special days in the Spring Calendar such as Rosh Chodesh, birthdays and yartzheits.
  • Spring Parshas
    Classes analyzing the parshas that fall in the Spring period (Adar - Iyar).