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12 Tamuz 5715
Toras Menachem vol. 14 page  181-3, 192-9, 206-17.
Sicha One.
Page 181-3. 
The Previous Rebbe was Motzie all (most) Yidden un suffering in Russia, but he made the holiday everyone's.
Sicha  Three.
Page 192-5. 
Merkaz Shlichus.
The effect of seeing Bochurim who look like they're from the old country and they are in fact from Boston talking about Achduas Hashem. 
Using this day to draw strength for this work. 
Sicha Four. 
Page 195-6. 
Raising money for the institutions that bear the Previous Rebbe's name in North Africa, Israel etc.
Giving generously.
Singing to go out of limitations.
Sicha Five,
page 196-9.
Confused Souls a story and it's lesson.
When people end up doing the wrong jobs, everybody loses.
The story of the rich man pulling a wagon and the poor man hosting guests. 
Each must do what he is capable in doing. 
Sicha Seven.
Page 206-8.
Learning Chassidus nowadays that it has been determined to be Torah beyond any shadow of a doubt. one must learn it everyday.
The argument that it interferes with the study of Niglah, cannot be true as one part of Torah cannot contradict another. 
Page 208.
End of the Sicha, the Minhag to go to Mikva, give Tzedaka and learn Chassidus before Davening.  
Sicha Eight.
Page 208-9
Tzlafchad's daughters and inheriting Eretz Yisroel. 
Page 209-10.
[This Sicha may have some repetition.] 
Such daughters come form a father of Mesiras Nefesh. 
Page 210- 211.
The inheritance of the daughters of Tzlafchad had the timelessness of an inheritance and the generosity and genuine good will and heartfelt advantage of a gift. 
Page 212.
Sicha Nine. 
Page 212-214. 
The next day to Merkaz Shluchim
Page 215-17.  
Counting Jews, not losing a single one on the eve of the final Geula.