Rabbi Silberstein's Shiurim

Rabbi Eli Silberstein presents an introduction to the Mishnah for beginners, a special series of Chassidic insight on the Gemora, "Talmud Treasures" (see below), as well as other topics such as yomim tovim, prayer, stories of the tzaddikim, and even some wonderful singing of niggunim. We are proud to be able to bring Rabbi Silberstein's insightful and exciting teaching to our listeners around the world.

Rabbi Silberstein is director of Chabad at Cornell University, and a Talmudic scholar with particular interests in the intersection of the legal and mystical dimensions of Jewish law. He has authored a number of courses for the Jewish Learning Institute (JLI), including Biblical Reflections, the Kabbalah of Time, and Talmudic Ethics (with Rabbi Moshe Miller).

  • Shaar HaYichud V'Emunah
  • The Prophets

    An in depth study of the prophets

  • Introduction to the Mishnah


  • Talmud Treasures from the Gemara

    Dedicated l'iluyi nishmas, to the memory of, Rabbi Eli's beloved parents,

    Reb Shmuel Meir Ben Reb Moshe and Batsheva bas Reb Moshe Zalman 

    This section contains short to medium length (5-20 minute) self-standing shiurim on concepts in Chassidus that enhance learning the niglah of the Gemara.  Each class is self-standing and therefore does not require listeners to have heard all of the previous shiurim to be able to enjoy and learn from any shiur in the series on its own.  The sources of this material are varied Chassidic texts including talks (sichot) and discourses (maamarim) from the Lubavitch Rebbeim.  If you have a question on a source please write us your question in an email to This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it

  • Selected Topics
  • Stories
  • Ma'amarim
  • Introduction to Prayer
  • Yomim Tovim (High Holidays)
  • Niggunim
  • The Pesach Haggadah Series
  • Minchas Chinuch
  • Weekly Talmud