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Hayom Yom for Tamuz
PDF 1-4 Tamuz with Biur
For a Bochur to know his place.
They don't come to a place to assimilate, but to be themselves and change the place to their level.
Rebbe's wedding where the Rebbe RayaTz told this idea to the Bochurim.
Letter about מדת ההשתוות. 
The link between the Mitzvos between man and G-d and those between man and man are underscored in the recitation of הריני מקבל each day at the beginning of our prayer.
Want attachedness with G-d, be connected and don'r be separated from fellow Yid.
Why is discussed a little, it has to do with humility and openness. 
The Jewish sigh is spiritually very meaningful it doesn't really matter what arouses it.
Humility and admitting dependency upon G-d is very emancipating spiritually.
Review of what the Hayom Yom (as a whole) is (due to long break).
Rabbi Simpson, America, seeing the Rebbe. 
What one Tomim can do in a place void of other efforts.
This is his entire purpose.
In our generation being Mikarev someone else is the beginning of Chassidus!
 Entire entree.
The greatness of the Alter Rebbe's Chssidim.
Chosssid wouldn't complain but the Alter Rebbe asked him how are his affairs so he told that he is doing very poorly financially and the Rebbe reprimanded him:
You do ( and worry about) your job and allow G-d to do (and worry about) his affairs: your material well-being.''
Make the world around you light.
Tanya Ch 41 discusses two levels in Mesiras Nefesh:
Lower Level: Giving oneself to Him and being lost (even dying for) in Him.
Higher level: To do for Him what HE needs (כבכיול) to bring Him down ליחדא קוב"ה ושכנתי' בתחתונים.
This 2nd level we are not holding on by ourselves so we say בשם כל ישראל we have it as part of the collective Jew כנסת ישראל.
The Rebbe has made this (putting another Yid ahead of you ברוחניות) into the basics ממש. 
Mitzvos need שמירה which comes from מקיף; often the שמירה is the מצוה itself.
This is why you should give Tzedaka along with every Mitzvah it is the שמירה.
However even higher than צדקה is תורה (the מקיף and the פנימי are one -?-). 
 חסידות וסדר (Class One).
Chassidus is the עיגול מבלי אשר ימצא ראש וסוף.
Never the less the רביים and the חינוך the רביים gave for their חסידים involved absolute סדר.
Two opposites.
This class we read the text and expalined a little bit of...
1) the Seder by the רביים.
2) The השפעה hierarchy bu the Alter Rebbe. 
חסידות וסדר (Class Two).
This class diuscusse the Alter Rebbe's סדר in his letters, מאמרים and ניגונים.
1) Letters for soliciting funds for צדקה were given an orderly Torah thought (ועצ"ע).
 2) His מאמרים; he was altogether in the sky and down here they were גוטע דרושים מסודרדיקע דרושים.
3) His ניגונים; the entire idea of נגינה (order beauty form) and עבודה (truth, inner struggle etc.)  seem contradictory.
Only the Alter Rebbe was able to bring the two together.

חסידות is נעוץ תחילתן בסופן וסופן בתחילתן and עיגולים מבלי אשר ימצא ראש וסוף.
 Three explanations:
1) שמן has three characteristics:  A. cannot be eaten alone and is found in everything, B. שמן מפעפע בכולו C. שמן צף על כל משקין; Chassidus is as available and as illusive as שמן is based on these characteristics.
2) אין סוף למעלה עד אין קץ ולמטה עד אין תכלית this is not Hashem as he doesn't have divisions, but His Light, and it also is everywhere and nowhere (as is Chassidus).
3) the example of אור light; it changes everything and nothing at all.
Though what Chassidus is is infinite; but we are finite.
For us order is very necessary.
Without order our ability to benefit from Chassidus which is עיגולים בלי ראש וסוף is curtailed.
Examples of Seder.
ישר יחזו פנימו
חטוף ואכול וחטוף ואשתי הוא גם כן "סוג" של סדר. 
Introduction about חודש אייר.
With all the great things Avrohom Avinu did he is most beloved because of the way he raised his children and set up for the next generation.
Supporting Torah's greatest reward is our own Nachas.
מהוי' מצעדי גבר כוננו Class One. 
מהוי' מצעדי גבר כוננו Class Two.
The Tanya was printed in stages.
The אגרת התשובה appeared in the very second addition of the Tanya but in the earlier draft (מהדורא קמא) the final draft of this letter wouldn't appear until almost ten years later. 
The Birthday of the Frieridke Rebbe's birthday.
Story of his birth and his early years, until he becomes his father's right hand man.
The day he was officially told he's free, but to be actually freed he needed to wait until the next day because it was the day off (thanks to Stalin we have another day of Yom Tov).
Stroies of the year ofg the arrest, Rosh Hashana (איי סערטצע למנצח), Simchas Torah (Tehillim), Purim Kattan, Purim (If you see this body burning...) and more.  
Farbrengen and the idea if a farbrengen.
13 Tamuz (1).