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Listening to MP3 files on our site

If you have Quicktime on your computer and you are using Internet Explorer you may experience the following. You click on an MP3 icon on our website and Quicktime opens up and begins downloading the file but does not play the file until downloading is complete. This does not happen if you are using Firefox or Safari (on a Mac) or other browsers. The solution for Internet Explorer users is the following:

1) Open Windows Media Player.
2) Select tools, then Options.
3) Select the file types tab.
4) Make sure that you select MP3 to be handled by Windows Media Player, and then click Apply, and then OK. You may have to uncheck it, apply, then recheck it.
5) Buffering should now work and you should be able to listen as soon as you click the MP3 icon without waiting.

Saving Files

We have conducted download and MP3 file saving tests on computers in several locations around the world and we have determined that the website is working correctly. If you have a high speed connection you should not have any trouble. You should be able to download our files and save them on your computer. Don't forget - to save the file you should right click (in Windows) or control and click (for a Mac) on the MP3 icon and then save. If you are having problems doing this, try the following:

1. Use another browser.

2. Check your firewall and make sure it allows file downloads.

If you do not have a high speed connection or you cannot save the classes for some other reason please send us a request for a custom audio CD (or CDs).